You can find general details regarding cellular signals such as ways to improve it and many other related things here. This website is born out of the fact that much misinformation floats around regarding cellular signal, and that there is a pressing need to clear all misconceptions about it. We have already covered the topic of the myths regarding cell phone signal booster in one of our posts.

Besides that, we want to enlighten the techie reader in you by posting only genuine information and interesting things here.

For instance, do you know that blocking the internal antenna of a mobile phone could just interfere with the cellular reception? Even you might block it inadvertently during a phone call or it could be that your phone has a back cover with metal components. Either of those situations is enough to negatively affect the quality of your signal. This is where a signal boosting system comes in handy.

Learn how this technology works, about what to look for in it, and many other things related to it here. Use our tips and tricks on cellular signal boosting to ensure that you are not left stranded in a place with little to no signal.