Important Tips To Select A Good Cell Phone Service Booster

Cell Phone Service Booster
Cell Phone Service Booster
Cell Phone Service Booster
Cell Phone Service Booster

Mobile phones have deeply penetrated our lives such that they have become an integral part of our daylily activities. Because of this, it is important to have good cellular connectivity to ensure that we stay connected.  However, occasionally we come across connectivity issues, and such situations can be quite annoying. One of the best ways to avoid this and ensure good cell phone signal reception is to install a cell phone service booster at your home or office. Shared below are important tips for selecting good signal boosters for buildings, read on to know more.

Bidirectional Amplification

A bidirectional cell phone service booster amplifies both incoming and outgoing cellular signals and ensures good connectivity. Technically, the incoming signals are called downlink, and outgoing signals are called uplink. However, some amplifiers in the market only amplify downlink signals and do not amplify the uplink signals. This results in you being able to listen to the person on the other end of the call, while that person might not be able to listen to you. Bidirectional cell phone service booster helps you to avoid this. Another added advantage of installing a bidirectional signal booster is that it ensures a better battery life.

Downlink Sensitivity

The receiver of a cell phone service booster, i.e. the outside antenna must be sensitive enough to pick weak carrier cellular signals. There are mainly two types of outside antennas, omnidirectional antenna and directional antenna. The first type receives signals from a 360o field with moderate sensitivity, while the second type receives signals from one direction with a field of capture ranging between 45o to 90o and has a high sensitivity. Most often when you buy cellular signal boosters, the sensitivity numbers given by the manufacturer are usually tested in ideal conditions, and it can reduce in a real-world scenario.

Detecting Oscillation

Oscillation happens when a positive feedback loop develops between the outside antenna and the inside antenna of the cellular booster. This reduces the output quality of the amplifier because of the noise in the signal. Apart from this, it can affect the performance of other cellular devices operating in its vicinity. Because of this, high-quality signal boosters have systems in place to detect oscillations, and shut down the device or reduce the gain of the amplifier.

High Uplink Power

A good cell phone service booster must have high uplink power to avoid the issue of dropped calls. However, substandard manufacturers keep down the cost of these devices by reducing the uplink power. Therefore, when purchasing these devices, ensure that the uplink power is the same as stipulated by the national telecom regulatory authority.

These are some of the important points that you should check when buying a cellular booster for your home or office.