Simple Steps To Follow For Installing Signal Boosters

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Cell phone boosters are very easy to install, and in most cases, you don’t need much technical expertise to install and maintain them. They only involve three parts that can be easily installed even without the help of an expert. Below, we provide the steps that you have to follow for easily installing the cell signal boosters.

Find A Location With Good Signal Strength

One of the important factors that can greatly influence the performance of your cell phone boosters is the outside signal strength. Therefore, you should take great care in installing your external antennas in an area where it can receive maximum signals. External antennas are responsible for collecting the outside signals for delivering it to the amplifier for boosting. Therefore, find a location with good signal strength for mounting the external antennas.

You can find a location with the maximum signal strength using your mobile phone. Set it in the field test mode for getting the accurate readings of the signal strength in different areas.

Install The Outside Antenna

After finding a good location for installing your external antenna, the next step is to mount it in that location. You have to mount it as high as possible. You may use a pole to mount your antennas. Make sure to mount it on the edge of your roof, but if the roof is not accessible, then you may mount it on your window for getting better results. If you are using a uni-directional antenna, you need to point it towards the direction of the cell tower of your carrier.

Connect To The Amplifier

After successfully installing the external antenna, you can connect it to the amplifier with the help of cables. Amplifiers are responsible for boosting the strength of the incoming signals. Install your amplifier in an area where you can easily access it.

Install The Internal Antenna

The next step is to install the internal antenna in a location where you need it. You can mount it on the ceiling or wall, based on the type of antenna you are using. Ensure that there is at least 50 feet horizontal distance or 20 feet vertical distance between your internal and external antennas for avoiding oscillation problems, which occur when the signals from your internal antenna reach the external antenna.

Power On

After you have properly installed your internal antenna, external antenna, and amplifier, and connected them using cables, you can turn on your device. Connect it to a power supply and ensure that your device is working properly. If everything is fine, the booster will work without any issues.