Are Cellular Signal Boosters Legal?

Cellular Signal Booster
Cellular Signal Booster
Cellular Signal Booster
Cellular Signal Booster

As smartphones have become an essential part of our daily life as an all in one device, we have become more reliant on them. So it is very important to have good signals at home and workplace to get things done without hiccup. Poor cellular network coverage inside buildings is common due to location, and building materials that cause blockage or barrier to the signal. One of the best and foolproof solutions for bad connectivity is to use a cellular signal booster, but the doubt among many prospective users is “Are mobile phone signal boosters legal?”; read on to know more.

What The Rule Says

According to the rules you have to get the license of authorised mobile phone communication regulatory authority to use cellular signal booster. However, specific signal repeaters can be used without having a license from the regulatory authority. So, using a device and its installation that does not comply with the regulations can land you in trouble. Therefore, before buying or installing it, you must ensure that it is licensed. You can use static cell phone repeaters for indoor use and low-gain cell phone repeaters for vehicles. Above all, these devices can only boost the signal from one cellular network and wideband signal boosters are illegal.

How Can You Tell If Your Cellular Signal Booster Is Legal?

Many of the cellular signal boosters sold online are illegal because they are wideband types, also the chances of those sold or installed before 2018 can be illegal. There are manufacturers whose devices don’t have CE mark and you must avoid them at all cost. In fact you should check for this mark on all electronic devices to know if they are legal or not.

The Two Types Of Cellular Signal Booster

  • Static Cell Phone Repeater: It is designed to improve cell phone coverage indoors and can be used to improve current 3G and 4G cellular signals. They can be used only in homes or offices and cannot be used elsewhere to make better calls, stream content and other activities that use cellular data or signals.
  • Legal Signal Booster: You can purchase these devices from your authorized mobile network, for instance, a Vodafone network signal booster if you are using their services. Even other service providers have this provision for their users, some even offer femtocells that are small cellular base stations to be used in places of very poor connectivity.

So, you can use cellular signal booster if they are manufactured by a licensed manufacturer. Also, you can make use of the ones provided by cellular service providers and most reputable companies offer this facility.