Building Materials That Block Cellular Signals

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Like all beings, we have our own shelters- homes. Our jobs, which are the source of our livelihood require us to go to the office and we make our daily visits to shops to buy things to sustain our life. Everything we do involves a building. Shop, schools, houses, apartments are all buildings that we need for the proper systematic functioning of our lives.

There is another thing that the people of today’s generation require- mobile phones. These require strong phone reception to work. The problem we are facing now is that buildings, which are very important to us, block cellular signals from reaching the phone which causes low signal strength. Let us look at how the building blocks cellular reception.

Window Glass

It is commonly heard how cellular reception is strong near the window. This is only true when the window is open. A closed window with glass reflects and bounces the carrier signals. So do, windows which are double and triple insulated. Low emission glass deflects carrier signals completely.

Wood And Plywood

Wood has been apart of our houses and other buildings for a long time. A house with a wooden finish has a rustic look which is much admired these days. But it disrupts carrier signals. The amount of signal blockage can vary between -5db to -12db depending on the thickness of the wood.

Plywood is commonly used as a part of a house. It makes up a good portion of the structure and framework of a building. It can reduce the strength of a 3G or 4G cellular signal by -6db. And 5G networks will be reduced by -9db.


The more the thickness, severe the blockage of signals. The thickness of the brick makes these good at disrupting signals. Moreover, bricks have mortars in between them which also blocks signals. Most of the time, bricks also have additional materials inside to accommodate sheetrock, shelves, switches, etc. The thickness of the brick along with the building material can weaken the cellular signals by -28db.


Metal is the most effective carrier signal blocker. While metals look good in a building, they can reduce a cellular signal by -32db to -50db and can make the building a dead zone.

The best solution to weak network is installing a cellular signal booster. A cellular signal booster will amplify signals from the tower and send it out for the mobile phone to receive.