How To Avoid Dropped Calls And Improve The Phone Signals?

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Free Up Space In Android Phone
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Dropped phone calls are very frustrating. You might have encountered dropped call during an important conversation like an interview or when you are in an emergency situation. Dropped calls can waste our valuable time and money. The main reasons for dropped calls are distance from the cell tower, physical obstructions like hills, tall buildings, trees, etc. or may be bad weather. Sometimes call drops can also be caused because of the phone’s hardware or software issues.

In this article, we will discuss about the various causes of dropped calls and their solutions.

Distance From The Cell Tower

When you travel in a car, you may get stuck in a dead zone with poor cell signals. Sometimes your device doesn’t even show a single signal bar. The main reason for this might be the lack of cell towers in that area or the distance from the nearest cell tower. Improperly aligned cell tower and physical obstructions can also result in poor signal reception.

The solution for this problem is tough. You can either step out of the vehicle or install a cell phone signal booster in your car to improve signal reception in your devices. If the dead zone you are stuck in is very large, even a signal booster will not be able to improve the signal reception. Getting out of the zone is the only solution.

Building Construction Materials

When you are inside a building, you will not get a strong signal, even if the signal strength on the outside of the building is very strong. Most of the time your calls get dropped and you might need to go outside to make the call. The main reason for that are the building materials like sheet metal, wire mesh and concrete that can impact the signal reception.

Installing a cell phone signal booster inside the building can effectively improve the signal reception and eliminate dropped calls.  The device amplifies the cell signal and then retransmits it to the building that needs a better coverage.

Mobile Device Issues

Sometimes you find that only you are experiencing dropped calls and others around you are not facing the problem. This might be because of your damaged cell phones. The antenna of the cell phone might be broken or damaged, which results in the poor signal reception and frequent dropped calls. Another reason for dropped calls is low battery charge or outdated roaming software.

In order to avoid dropped calls, make sure that the phone’s battery is full or mostly charged. Update the phone’s roaming software. If your phone is broken, immediately get it fixed.