Misconceptions About Cell Signal Repeater Debunked

Cellular Signal Booster
Cellular Signal Booster
Cell Signal Repeater
Cell Signal Repeater

Many people deploy a mobile phone signal booster as a solution for signal issues at home, the workplace or when on the move. As with any other technology, it will take its own time to be more popular. Before this occurs, however, it is essential to debunk some myths floating around concerning a cell signal booster and the capability of it to work. Debunking the myths is what we will do here.

Signal Booster Is Fake And Fails To Work

The thought that signal boosters for mobile phones are ineffective was framed around two decades ago. Then, some fraudulent businesses tricked customers and earned profits by selling goods claimed to amplify cell signal. At that time, there was no technology to improve signals, and unfortunately, customers were deceived by the fraudulent practice of those companies.

With time, however, this technology of augmenting signal was realized. Today, you can experience the technology through cell phone boosters, which has the capability to amplify wireless signals and minimize dropped calls.

It Creates Its Own Signal

There is no way a cell signal repeater can make its own signal. It is intended to just pick up the weak signal from the most adjacent cell tower, boost it by many times, and rebroadcast the amplified signal for use by cell phones.

It Degrades Wi-Fi Signal

The signal amplifier is a freestanding piece of equipment that works on its own capability. It does not interfere with, hinder, degrade or utilize wireless signal. The antennae of the device get weak signal and broadcast it in a strengthened form for mobile users. The internal antenna collects weak signal from cell communication started in the premises, makes it stronger, and transmits the stronger signal to the external antenna, for better call reception and data.

Wi-Fi Has The Capacity To Replace Cell Signal And Mobile Repeater

Wireless internet allows for high internet speeds, and it enables smooth communication via VoIP phones across many workplaces. So individuals have started to perceive and use wireless internet in place of broadband internet for voice calls. In practice, this does not really work as efficiently as you might.

Wireless hardware may crash down and cause a complete communication outage. These are the situations where the lack of wireless phone services supported by signal amplifying solution proves a handicap. You should have signal booster as a backup solution or plan B.