Things To Know About Mobile Signal Boosters

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A mobile network booster or a cell phone booster is a device that is used to improve cellular signal reception. It is a device that can improve the signal strength in an area by taking the weak signal from the surrounding and adding power using a repeater system. It is an effective tool that can be used in places where the signal strength is very low. There are mainly three components in a signal booster and they are as follows.

Outside Antenna

It is one of the most important components of the signal booster system. This is the part of the device that is responsible to obtain signals from the surroundings. There are mainly two types of exterior antenna such as the Omni directional antenna and the Unidirectional antenna. The first type is effective in obtaining weak signals in a 360-degree angle while the other can only receive signals within a 45-degree field. However, both of them are effective in attracting weak signals within their specified radius.


It is the second component of a cellular repeater. The function of the amplifier is to amplify or enhance the strength of the weak signals procured by the outside antenna. There are so many different types of amplifier and each of them has its own unique qualities. All the amplifiers are compared on the basis of their signal output and there are amplifiers that can even enhance the signal strength to +70 dB. Even though it is programmed to boost the signal strength, it may not happen instantly because there are several factors associated with the functioning of an amplifier such as distance from the tower, electronic interference, etc.

Inside Antenna

It is the third part of a signal booster system. While the outside antenna functions to grab the weak signals and amplifier strengthens it, the inside antenna is responsible to serve the boosted signals to the surrounding devices. There are mainly two types of inside antennas such as a panel antenna and dome antenna. The first type is effective in rebroadcasting the signal to a specified area like a room while the other will be fixed of the ceiling and is efficient in distributing the boosted signal throughout a building equally.

A signal booster can be installed in a home or office or even in an automobile. Since it is not necessary to pay rent or service charges like a Wi-Fi connection, it is a better option for houses and offices located far from mobile towers.