Tips For Reducing Cell Phone Radiation Exposure

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Cell phone radiation exposure is a serious problem and most people are not well aware of it. Our cell phones emit radio-frequency energy all the time and when you keep it near your head or other parts of the body, you will absorb more than half of the RF energy transmitted by the cell phones. The transmission of RF energy will be higher when you make a call.

Indeed, cell phones offer a lot of benefits but exposure to cell phone radiation will cause several health problems. Many studies conducted on cell phone radiations have shown that prolonged exposure to these radiations can increase the risk of cancer.

Some of the important tips that will help you to reduce exposure to cell phone radiation are shared below.

Try To Reduce Body Contact

The cell phone manufacturers warn you about the consequences of keeping the cell phones so close to your body all the time. The user manual of the cell phone will contain all the warnings and the steps that you need to do for keeping your cell phones away from the body. It is important to ensure that you are not carrying the cell phone against your head or body. People usually carry the cell phones in their pockets but it is usually recommended to keep the cell phones at least 10 mm away from your body.

Try To Use Earphones More Often

Most of us keep cell phones against our ears when we make a call. This will increase the radiation exposure when you do it regularly. Therefore, it is always a good thing to use a wired headset or earphone while making a call. That way, you can keep the cell phones far away from your body. it is also recommended to use the speakerphone mode by not making others uncomfortable. Using the wired headsets and earphones will ensure that you are only exposed to a limited amount of near field radiation.

Stop using Cell Phones Longer

People tend to talk with their friends and family over the phone for a longer line. Since the advancement in technology allows us to talk with our loved ones living all around the world, we are literally exploiting it. However, you should try to make your conversations over the phone shorter because if you use cell phones longer, you are exposing to the radiation longer and risking the development of many health disorders, including cancer.

Turn On Airplane Mode

Most of the cell phones available today have an airplane mode. Understand that your cell phone emits radiation even if you are not making a call. If you are not using your cell phone, you can turn on the airplane mode or simply switch off the cell phone. Using the airplane mode is the best way to limit radiation exposure when the cell phone is on. If you want to keep your cell phone on when you sleep, make sure to keep it away from your head and body.

Avoid Using One Side Of Head When Talking

One of the easiest ways to reduce radiation exposure is to switch sides of your head when you are talking on your cell phone. When you switch sides regularly while making a long call, it will help cut down the cell phone radiation exposure to just one side of your head. Most of us tend to use the same side of our heads when making a call. Try to switch the cell phone to the other hand so that one side of your head won’t absorb cell phone radiation all the time.

Do Not Use Cell Phone When Signal Is Weak

Make sure not to use your cell phone when the cellular signal is very weak or when you are moving at a high speed; like in a car or a train. This is because when the cellular signal is weak, the cell phones will automatically increase the transmitting power to connect with the nearest cell tower. This will increase the radiation and the battery will start to drain faster.

In such conditions, a signal booster is the best choice as this device can help improve the cell signals coming from the cell tower. If you are using a cell phone booster inside your house or your car, you no longer have to worry about poor cell reception anymore because the signal booster will ensure that you get strong cellular signals all the time. With better cell signal, the cell phones won’t increase their transmission power and the radiation exposure will be limited.

The cell phone booster has three main components for increasing the cellular signals that come from the nearest cell tower. The external antenna will capture the cell signals and send them to the amplifier unit to increase their strength. After increasing the cell signal strength, the amplifier sends the signals to the internal antenna and it will rebroadcast the amplified cell signals.