Tips To Have Good Phone Signal In Your Car

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Many times we have experienced bad cellular signal connection, and this can sometimes be frustrating. Most of us blame this upon the cellular network or service providers, even though there are many cellular towers spread throughout the places we live. There can be many reasons for the cellular signal not reaching your phone, and there are spots where we do not receive a signal, called the dead zone. As a result of this bad connectivity, batteries of phones can be easily drained as it is constantly searching for cellular signal. The obvious question is how to improve phone signal in your car?

The following tips will help to receive a good phone signal inside your car.

When Driving You Cannot Get Good Signal

If you cannot get a good signal when driving, then find a safe place and pull off to make the call. This is because, when you are not moving, the phone will not have to search cellular towers for changing locations. Therefore, you will get a steady, strong signal and moreover, it avoids the battery drain of your phone.

Step Outside The Vehicle

 You must step outside the vehicle after pulling over at a safe spot, and this ensures that there are no obstructions for the carrier signal. The metal and glass used to manufacture your automobile are bad conductors of the cellular signal waves. Hence, they prevent more than 50% of the signal, resulting in bad connectivity.

Repeat Calling After Few Minutes

When you are driving down the road, the call is transferred from one cellular tower to the next according to changing locations. Hence, when you cannot get a good connection the first time, repeat after a few minutes as your device will be within the range of another tower.

Try Calling From Higher Elevation

If you cannot get a good signal, find a higher elevation spot, park the vehicle, step out and make the call. Understand that any obstruction in between the line of sight of your device and cellular tower can result in a bad signal. Therefore, an elevated location will give a clear line of sight and better signal reception.

Switch To 3G From 4G

You can also try to switch from 3G to 4G to get a better connection and for this, you must have a steady connection with the cellular tower. You may pull over and step out to ensure better connectivity.

Install Cellular Signal Booster

If none of the above methods work, it is better to install a cell signal booster for your car from a reputable manufacturer. This will ensure that you always have good cell connectivity and can help save a lot of trouble. They work by capturing a weak outside carrier signal with an antenna, boost it using an amplifier and then retransmit the boosted signal using an inside antenna to your phone. Moreover, they are two-way devices that can send signals to the cellular tower.

Cellular signal boosters for vehicles are becoming more common as it allows people to travel without pulling over.