What Are The Causes For Call Dropping?

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Even with the increasing number of smartphones and other technologies, one of the major causes of frustration for cell phone users is call drops. Cell phones are now part of the daily life and we use them obviously for calling, texting, emails, etc and it is very important to have good signal reception for all these to happen perfectly. Hence, the common question is “How to improve phone signal?” To choose the right method to improve phone signal you must know what the reasons that cause call drops are.

Problems Due To Tower Handoff

Your cell phone belongs to a cellular network that has many cellular towers with which it communicates to make calls. The phone automatically connects to the nearest tower when making calls and continues to as long as it is within the range of the tower. But, when you move out of range of the tower during travelling the call is automatically handedoff to a new closer tower. However, in certain situations such as software glitch backing the towers or heavy cell traffic in one of the towers, this handoff will not occur and results in the call getting dropped.

Cell Phone Tower Distance

When you encounter dead zones, calls get dropped because these areas have no signal reception and there are a few reasons for this. To begin with, you will encounter it in vast areas sparsely populated, because there are only a few cellular towers to serve the inhabitants. Moreover, many of the uninhabited areas such as deserts are dead zones. However, you will also find it in populated areas because of the misalignment between towers and in underground locations where there is no signal reception.

Geographical Barriers

Geographical barriers such as mountains and hills can create dead zones and often times they are insurmountable. For example, when you are living in the side of a mountain and the cellular tower is on the other side you might not receive a signal. However, these are rare instances and now there are cellular towers in mountain areas as well.

Building Materials

This is a very common cause for signal degradation and some of the construction materials are sheet metal, reinforced concrete, wire mesh and types of insulation materials used. Therefore, in many situations people use a cellular repeater to improve signal quality and prevent call dropping.

People use a cellular signal booster  in their homes, offices or cars to prevent call dropping and they are now common. Because of this, during construction people ensure to use materials that do not degrade carrier signals. Therefore, identifying the reason for call drops will help you to implement the right solution.