What You Need To Know About Installing The Internal Antenna Of A Signal Booster

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An internal antenna is a very important part of a cell phone booster, as it is responsible for transmitting the amplified signals to the required areas. Therefore, you have to be careful when installing your internal antenna. There are some important things you have to consider when fixing these antennas. We list the things you should be aware of when installing the internal antennas of your cell signal booster.

Types Of Internal Antennas

Internal antennas are mainly categorized into three based on the area they can cover and the strength of the signals they provide. The first type of antenna is the whip antennas that are used for covering small spaces. You can use them in your vehicles like cars, trucks, RVs, etc. They are also suitable for covering one or two rooms. They are easy to install and suit entry-level and mid-level boosters. But their performance will be low when compared to the other antennas.

The next is the dome antennas that can be used for covering single-storied buildings. They can send signals in all directions. There are two types of dome antennas including the standard dome antenna (whose performance is similar to whip antennas) and the ultra-thin antenna (that can offer higher gain when compared to whip antennas).

The third category is the panel antenna which is known for its great performance in comparison to the other antennas. They can be used in long hallways and multi-stored buildings. These antennas can cover more area and provide higher gain.

Where To Install Your Antenna

The spot for installing your antenna should be decided based on the type of antenna you are using and the area you want to cover. A whip antenna is usually connected directly to the booster and it will transmit signals in all directions.

Dome antennas are installed on the ceiling. You have to install it in a central location so that it can equally transmit signals in all directions.

Panel antennas can be installed on the ceiling or wall based on the area you need to cover. If you want to cover a long hallway, it is better to install it on the wall. But if you want to cover a multi-storied building, it should be installed on the ceiling.

Finding the ideal spot for installing the internal antenna of a cell phone booster is very important, as it can have a great impact on the performance of your boosters. You have to choose a location based on the type of antenna and the area you need to cover. This will help you to get the maximum performance from your signal boosters.