Are Cellular Signal Boosters Dangerous?

Cellular Signal Booster
Cellular Signal Booster
Cell Phone Repeater
Cell Phone Repeater

We, humans, are gradually making this world painful to live in. We are becoming lazy day-by-day and investing a lot of funds to invent many machines, which helps us to reduce the workload. Our earth is filled with ample electric equipment that release much radiation from them. Nevertheless, we are least bothered about their probable impact on human health. We cannot imagine living a single day without these electronic gadgets.

Humans are not the only ones who are affected by this uncontrollable increment of radiation but also other living species like birds, animals, fishes, etc are affected. We are making it difficult for all the living beings to survive on this planet. How about we look further into the issue.

Most of our white goods like refrigerators, blenders, washing machines, etc. create some magnetic field, even though the strength of emissions is comparatively lesser than that from vacuum cleaners and microwaves. Radiation discharges of all other electric apparatuses are small and they are not discernibly considered unsafe hardware.

Which Equipment Is The Most Dangerous?

The real culprits are mobile phones, which have become one of our integral parts. They are the most harmful radiation emitting gadgets, which badly affect our human body. Since we hold them very close to our heads, they allegedly can affect our brain and cause cancer. During the mobile conversations, maximum radiation power is emitted.

Radiation from different cell phones depends on the type of equipment and also the conditions of signal reception. When there is a low signal from the nearby mobile tower, radiation can reach as low as 2 Watts and during good coverage, it can decrease up to 0.01 Watts.

How Should We Take Care Of This Issue Of Radiation?

To overcome this hurdle, we should use cell phone repeater when the network signal decreases. Researchers claim that the radiation power of a cell phone repeater is roughly 0.1 Watts, which is similar to that of an ordinary radiophone and their antennae are placed at a considerable distance from the user. The purpose of a repeater is to intensify the mobile signal in a specific territory.

These wireless repeaters also decrease radiation originating from a cell phone. But, people believe that cell phone repeaters are more destructive than cell phones, and that the latter emits greater levels of radiation- which is not true. Cell repeaters and intensifiers regularly emanate altogether less radiation. Truth be told, a portable booster can help diminish radiation emitted by multiple times in a city!