Are You Tired Of Poor Reception? Here’s What You Can Do

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5G Networks
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Mobile Repeaters

Connectivity has become more than just a luxury for some; it has turned into a necessity. People and businesses that require round the clock connectivity have no leeway to cut corners as they will pay dearly by losing customers; and especially with the economy we are in now that won’t be pretty sight. But if you are someone who has been in the receiving end of constant call drop, snail pace internet speeds and terrible reception, then you would have been thing of a way out.

We have listed down a couple of things you can do right this instant to ensure that your phone operator doesn’t smugly say “The person you’re trying to reach is out of coverage area”!

Reason Why Your Phone Has Bad Reception

Your phone maintains the connection with the rest of the world by means of having a constant line with the nearby cell tower. The minute something gets in the way of this connection, all hell breaks loose and your signals drop like a stone in a pond. This “something” is called interference.

Interference could be a hill or a large oak tree that is across the street from your office. Even the material of the building you are in could act as a potential interference.

When the interference is too much, your phone strains to maintain contact with the nearest cell tower and the signal drops.

What To Do?

  • Head To Open, Free Outdoor Spaces

For starters you can try removing the interference from around you. You can go towards more open spaces or where the herd thins out. When many people are linked to the sane tower too, the problem of traffic slows down your network.

  • Be Sure To Shut Off Background Updates And App

The reason your signal is weak could also be that there are applications that are chewing into the data. The applications can be shut off to help the situation.

  • Make Sure Your Phone Has Charge

Keeping you connected requires energy, so make sure that your battery has charge. If you are in a place where you can’t charge, then make sure to reduce consumption by lowering brightness, turning off data and other connectivity features like Bluetooth and NFC.

If none of these works, then get yourself a cell phone signal booster or a mobile repeater. They will make your connectivity issues non-existence with a snap of the fingers!