Benefits Of Using A Signal Booster

Cellular Signal Booster
Cellular Signal Booster
Installing A Signal Booster System
Installing A Signal Booster System

A cell phone booster is an important device that you should have if you are experiencing call drops, undelivered text messages, or slow data speed. Poor cell reception is a major reason for dropped calls and slow data speed. There are many factors that cause poor cell reception. They include:

  • Bad weather
  • Distance from the nearest cell tower
  • Heavy network traffic
  • Obstacles that block the cell signals

All these factors will affect the strength of the cell signal and result in poor cell reception. The best and effective way of solving this problem is by installing a signal booster system.

What Is A Signal Booster?

A signal booster is a device that is used to increase the strength of cell signal in areas with poor cell reception. It can be installed in your house, office, and any type of vehicle. A cell phone booster has mainly three components. They are exterior antenna, interior antenna, and amplifier.

The exterior antenna is usually mounted on the roof of the building or your car to catch the weak outside signal. The antenna sends this weak cell signal to the amplifier and it will increase the strength of the cell signal to a usable level. The boosted cell signal is then rebroadcasted to the devices in your car or your house. The antennas are connected to the amplifier using cables and connectors.

Advantages Of Signal Booster

Here we will give you some reasons for installing a cell phone booster in your house, office, or vehicle.

Easy To Install

The installation process of a signal booster system is quite easy. The first step involves finding the best outside signal and mounting the outside antenna. Then you need to mound the inside antenna and the amplifier inside your house or car and then connect the antennas to the amplifier using cables and connectors. A lot of signal booster companies have professional installers who will help you to install the signal booster system. But most of them will charge an installation fee.

Avoid Dropped Calls

It is very frustrating when you are on an important business call and suddenly you lose network connection and the call drops. The poor reason for this is the weak cell reception due to weak signal strength. According to many reports, 72% of the cell phone users experience call drops daily due to poor cell reception. When you install a signal booster, it will increase the strength of the cell signal and you no longer will experience call drops.

Uninterrupted Browsing

The internet has become the most important aspect of our daily life. We rely on the internet for many of our daily activities. People use the internet for browsing news, connecting with friends and family, sending emails, shopping, etc. But weak signal strength can disrupt all these activities. When you have a weak cell signal, you cannot access the internet using your cell phone. With a cell phone repeater, there will not be any poor cell reception and you will experience high-speed data uploads, downloads, and streaming without interruption.

Improves Voice Call Clarity

This is one of the biggest advantages of a signal booster system. When your signal reception is bad, you cannot make a voice call or even if you are able to make a call, it will have a lot of noises and distortion. These noises and distortions are due to the bad connectivity that occurs when obstacles like mountains, hills, buildings disrupt the cell signal. A signal booster can amplify any cell signals of any network carriers and helps you to make voice calls with reduced noise and distortions.

Increases Battery Life

When the cell reception in your home, office, or car is bad, your cell phone takes up more battery power to find a usable cell signal. If you are in an area with poor cell reception, your cell phone battery will drain quicker than usual. The best way to ensure longer battery life is to use a portable signal booster if you are traveling through an area with poor cell reception or install a signal booster in your house if the cell reception in your house is bad. With a stronger cell signal, your cell phone only needs less power to send and receive data.


One of the biggest advantages of signal boosters is that they are available in various models that fit your requirements and budget. There are signal boosters that can boost cell signal in one room and an entire building. You can also purchase a signal booster based on the number of users. People usually by GSM signal boosters, which are relatively cheaper than 4G and 3G signal boosters. When you look for signal boosters online, you can compare the prices of different cell phone boosters with the same features and buy a better signal booster at a lower price.