Difference Between WiFi Extenders And Repeaters

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If you are experiencing trouble with getting WiFi signals in different parts of your home or office, then WiFi extenders or WiFi repeaters can be an ideal choice for you. Both of these devices are designed to increase the range of your WiFi router, but they work in different ways. Therefore, you should be aware of them for knowing which option is suitable for your situation. Hence, we provide you a short comparison between WiFi repeaters and extenders for helping you to determine the best solution for you.

WiFi Repeaters

Most people are not aware of the difference between WiFi repeaters and extenders. These devices are used for similar purposes, i.e., to extend the range of the WiFi router and to increase the strength of the signals in areas where the quality of WiFi signals is very low.

A WiFi repeater or booster will connect to your WiFi network wirelessly. This wireless booster picks up your existing WiFi signals and boosts them. The problem associated with this device is that it picks the signals in a way similar to how your mobile phones or laptops pick the signals. Therefore, the gain of the signals will be reduced significantly. Also, a wireless signal booster needs to be placed in an area where there is good signal strength for getting the best performance. The further you place your repeater from the router, the weaker your signals will be.

Another important factor you have to consider when installing your wireless booster is not to place them near devices that emit microwaves or radio waves, as the electromagnetic waves might result in the interruption of wireless signals.

WiFi repeaters are ideal for you if you want to bring your WiFi signals to a location that is not suitable for cables. These devices are very easy to install when compared to WiFi extenders and are cheaper.

WiFi Extenders

WiFi extenders will connect to your WiFi network using a wired connection and extend the signals to more areas. Extenders create a new network using your existing network. Therefore, you will be able to get the same speed and bandwidth provided by the signals of your existing WiFi router. Here, there will be no reduction in gain. You can use extenders when you want to get the same reliable connection provided by your router in areas that are not covered by it.

Both WiFi repeaters and extenders are devices designed for increasing the coverage area of the WiFi routers. Even though they serve the same purpose, the way they work is different. Therefore, you have to choose a device that can be suitable for your situation.