Guide To Picking The Right Kind Of Routers

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Cell Phone Signal Booster
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3G Repeaters

Signal trouble is a common occurrence these days. How to improve cell coverage then? All thanks to 3G repeaters, we are not that worried about getting a weak or no signal. One of the must-have devices for ensuring the best performance of 3G repeaters are routers. Let us discuss a few of the parameters to consider while purchasing routers. Please continue reading to know more.

Find The Right Network

To start with, prepare primary data that lists all of the network carriers in and around your location. The main focus of this data must be data speed, hence also jot down the speed of each of the networks. The network carriers will ideally give you choices like a prepaid connection or a broadband connection. Do remember to get your SIM card along with either of the options you choose from. Of course, it is an extremely small amount when compared to the benefits you are going to be enjoying in the future.

Do Test Runs

Are you wondering why this parameter has been added to this list, well let me tell you why? This will enable you to analyze and interpret the data correctly and therefore you can choose what best suits your requirements. Therefore, always perform a test-run on the SIM cards of the network carriers you have shortlisted.

Configure each of the shortlisted network carrier’s SIM cards with the correct APN. The SIM these days come as micro-sized or nano-sized. And if your phone only supports the conventional mini-SIM cards then you can just put the micro and nano sim together and the outer shell of the remaining SIM card. This will perfectly fit your phone. Now, how about walking around and checking for a point which offers the strongest reception. For arriving at the optimum results, remember to do a test run before noon and also during the peak time (8 PM to 10 PM).

If you are having signal troubles during the time of your test runs then try the airplane mode in your respective cell phones. This will guarantee a full signal reading. The test runs to measure the speed of the network usually corresponds to the potential performance of your router. Anything above half the bar reading in your phone indicates the optimal performance of the routers installed. The reason behind asking you to perform these tasks during peak time is simple, then you can know what you must expect with the router in place.

Choose The Correct Router

Choosing an apt router is of utmost importance. As you know, mobile broadband today is highly portable. There are a wide variety of dongles to choose from. You can also make you pick from portable hotspots or wingles. However, opting for the desktop router is strongly recommended. This is because the inside antennas in this router are sensitive than the tiny antennas placed in portable hotspots and other dongles. Furthermore, the desktop router offers the best Wi-Fi coverage.

Maximum Limit Of Coverage Of The Network Carriers Cell Tower Range

The cell towers of the mobile network carrier have a fixed limit when it comes to the coverage offered. It varies with cell tower locations and bandwidth. It might come as a surprise to you that, this difference cannot be overcome even with the most powerful antenna which has an extremely clear sight.

Which Are The Routers You Must Avoid?

When compared to the cost of portable hotspots and other 3G modems, the price of a dedicated desktop-based router is high. However, it is best if you rule out the routers discussed below.

Portable Hotspots

I understand you are tempted to purchase these because of its portability as well as low cost, but let me stop you there. Experienced users often complain about the insensitive and inferior antennas that are attached to portable hotspots. Also, you will not find a single USB port affixed on it. Added to this, there is another drawback, which is, the battery of the device tends to get deteriorated with continuous use.

A common mistake done by the customers is that they use a Wi-Fi extender along with a portable hotspot. By repeating data, the Wi-Fi repeater already cuts bandwidth into half. A portable hotspot is known to restrict its Wi-Fi diversity; this will cause hindrances in the case of bandwidth as well as Wi-Fi coverage.

3G Modems

A majority of the network providers of the Netherlands provide diversity in their modems. This means that, by using a router that has two antennas by default, the bandwidth can be doubled. Unfortunately, there are only a few hotspots and modems that are compatible with the latest technological advancements. Older versions are slower than the speed of 7.2 Mbps.

Additionally, remember to rule out routers that are branded by the respective network carriers. You must also refrain from the use of your mobile phones as routers.