Increasing The Strengths Of Multiple Carrier Signals

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The offers provided by a cellular service provider and the proximity of its transmitting tower decides whether or not one chooses that provider. If a place has cell towers of different cellular service providers around it, the people living there may choose different providers based on the offers they find impressive. However, there are instances when the available signal strengths are not enough to facilitate quality cellular communication. In that case, you can install a cell phone booster to get improved cellular signals.

What Is A Cell Phone Booster?

A cell phone booster performs the same function as its name suggests, boosts the strength of cellular signals. The device has very few components and has simple modes of operation. The device usually comes with two antennas, one for outdoors and another for indoors; needless to mention the amplifier unit. The outdoor antenna set-up outdoors seizes the cellular signals available outside. The primary function of a cell phone booster, signal boosting is performed by the amplifier. The signals boosted by the amplifier are then sent to the indoor antenna, which broadcasts these signals within its range.

How To Boost Multiple Carrier Signals?

The external antenna of cell phone boosters is of different types, suitable for different circumstances. The external antenna type has a lot to do with multiple-carrier boosting. There are primarily two varieties of external antenna:

  • Omni-directional antenna: Omni-directional external antenna captures signals coming from all directions.
  • Unidirectional antenna: As the name suggests, a unidirectional external antenna attracts those cell signals that come from one single direction.

The towers of all carriers in your area will not be located in the same direction. Hence the signals coming from all directions have to be collected by the outdoor antenna of the cell phone booster to make multiple-carrier boosting possible.

Remote locations often don’t have many cellular towers and the cell phone boosters at the homes and buildings in those locations use the unidirectional antenna that can capture the signals coming from the direction of the single cellular tower with maximum efficiency.

How To Install Omni-Directional Antenna?

Placing this antenna outdoors is the best thing one can do. To find out the right point, you can use a signal meter. As an omnidirectional antenna captures signals from all directions, you do not need to worry much about aligning it along a particular direction unlike when you are installing a unidirectional antenna.

Following proper installation procedure is crucial in deciding how well the multiple carrier signals are boosted by the cell phone booster.