Some Frequently Asked Questions About Cell Phone Signal Boosters Answered

Cell Phone Signal Booster
Cell Phone Signal Booster
Cell Phone Signal Booster
Cell Phone Signal Booster

Cell phone signal boosters are electronic devices that are designed to amplify the gain of the cellular signals in an area. They can help to avoid a lot of frustrating problems that are associated with poor signal quality including dropped calls, low voice clarity, etc. Hence, these devices are now being used by a lot of people who suffer from various problems caused by low signal strength inside their buildings.

These devices are comparatively new in the market and people have a lot of doubts regarding cell signal booster. Here, we answer some of the commonly asked questions about the cell phone signal boosters. This will help you to know whether they can be useful for your situation.

How Do Cell Phone Boosters Work?

Some people think that cell phone boosters produce signals themselves. However, this belief is not true, as they are not able to create signals on their own. Instead, they work by accepting and boosting the existing cell signals. Hence, they need outside signals from your carrier to work properly. Therefore, these devices may not work in dead zones where there are no cell signals at all.

A signal booster will have an external/outside/exterior antenna that is responsible for accepting outside signals. The signals collected by the external antenna will then reach an amplifier that is capable of boosting the strength of the signals. These boosted signal will be fed to an internal/inside/interior antenna. This antenna is designed for broadcasting the signals to the required areas. Both the internal and external antennas are connected to the amplifier using coaxial cables.

Are Cell Phone Signal Boosters Legal?

A lot of people have this doubt. As these devices might interfere with the working of the cellular network, many people think that they are not legal. But in fact, cell signal boosters are perfectly legal. Even the FCC approves their use. Hence, there is no need for you to worry about legal problems when using these devices.

If you are not using a signal booster because you are concerned about the legal issues associated with them, then good news! Signal boosters have been approved by the FCC since 2004.

Do Signal Boosters Support All Carriers?

Yes. Most signal boosters that are available in the market today support all service providers. However, there are some carrier-specific boosters that are designed for supporting a particular carrier. So if you want to boost the signals from different service providers, make sure that you get a booster that can support all carriers.

Can A Signal Booster Support My Phone?

A signal booster is capable of supporting your mobile phones, tablets, and laptops irrespective of the brand or model. Whether you use a Samsung phone, iPhone, or any other phone, signal boosters will support them all.

What Are Single-Carrier Amplifiers?

When the signal boosters were first introduced in the market, many of them were created for boosting the signals from a specific carrier. A Verizon-only booster, for instance. But their popularity has decreased considerably as technology has advanced tremendously. Even though there are still some boosters that support only a single carrier, most people prefer signal boosters that can support multiple carriers. Hence, the use of single-carrier boosters has now significantly reduced.

Does A Signal Booster Need Internet Connection To Work?

No. A signal booster is not dependent on the landline connection or WiFi connection. They depend only on the outside cell reception. So you can use them even if there is no internet connection in your home.

Do Signal Boosters Work In Outside Areas?

No. They are not very good at boosting signals in the outside areas. These devices need some obstructions like walls to bounce off the signals transmitted by the internal antennas. So enclosed spaces are necessary for signal boosters to maintain the strength of the signals.

When used in outside areas, the signals will travel in various directions and fade off. So the mobile devices will not be able to receive the signals. Hence, these devices are not suitable for using in outside areas.

Can My Neighbor Get Signals From My Booster?

No. Signal boosters are designed for preventing other people outside your home from leeching on your signals. They will support devices within the confined space to which they are installed. If your neighbors want to benefit from the boosted cell signals provided by your signal booster, then they will have to come over to your home.

Can I Use Signal Booster In My Vehicle?

Yes. There are cellular signal boosters that are specifically designed for supporting vehicles. You can get signal boosters that can be used on cars, trucks, RVs, boats, etc. Therefore, it will be possible for you to get a booster that can perfectly fit your requirements.

Signal boosters can be useful for you to amplify the gain of cell signals inside your building or vehicle. There are different types of cell phone signal boosters that are designed for different purposes. So you can get a booster that can suit your needs.