What To Know About Internal Antennas Of Cell Phone Signal Boosters

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Internal antennas are an important part of cell phone signal boosters, as they are responsible for broadcasting the boosted signals to the required areas. There are different types of internal antennas available based on the area they can cover. Hence, when choosing a cell phone booster, you have to consider the type of antenna that can suit your requirements.

The common internal antennas available for you include dome antennas, whip antennas, and panel antennas. The area they can cover varies greatly. Therefore, when choosing an antenna, you have to consider the coverage area you want. Let us look into the details of various internal antennas.

Whip Antennas

Whip antennas are your best choice when you want to cover small spaces like one or two rooms, car, RV, truck, etc. They are small devices that are attached directly to the booster. These antennas can transmit signals in all directions. Whip antennas are suitable for entry-level and mid-level signal boosting systems. It provides a gain of 2dB on the signal band of 698-960 megahertz and a gain of 5 dB on the 1700-2700 megahertz band.

Dome Antennas

These antennas are an ideal option to use in square-shaped and single-storey buildings. You will have to install them on the ceiling for getting the best results. When installed on the ceiling, they will broadcast signals in a pattern that is similar to a glow that provides coverage to an area 360 degrees around the antenna.

There are two types of dome antennas, including standard dome antenna and ultra-thin antenna. The standard dome antenna will offer a gain of 2dB on the band of 698-960 megahertz and for the band of 1700-2700 megahertz, it will give a gain of 5dB. But when it comes to the ultra-thin antenna, you can get a maximum gain of 3.5dB on the band of 698-960 megahertz and a gain of up to 7.5 dB on the frequency band of 1700-2700 megahertz.

Panel Antennas

Panel antennas are the best option when you want to boost the signals for long spaces such as narrow rooms or hallways. You can also use them in your homes, offices, and apartments. You will also be able to cover multiple floors using these antennas. They can be installed on the wall or ceiling, based on the area you want to cover. These antennas emit signals in a 45-degree coverage area. The gain provided by the panel antenna is up to 7 dB on the band of 698-960 megahertz, whereas, it is 10 dB for the band of 1700-2700 megahertz.

There are different types of internal antennas available for cell phone signal boosters. Therefore, you have to choose an antenna as per your needs.